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  1. Online Resources
    Here are some links to help answer questions and gain information.
  2. Post Bail
    All premium fees are based on the amount of the bail that was set by the Courts. State Law sets it to a maximum amount of fifteen percent (15%) the amount of the bail.
    Generally it is necessary for an individual to sign the bail bond as an indemnitor or co-signer. The Bail Agent will go over what the requirements are to be an indemnitor and the necessary items to identify/verify that information. There are also options that include the use of collateral. Collateral can be in various forms from signatures, Deeds of Trust, Title Liens, cash or gold/silver jewelry. Again the Agent will help you in the details.
  3. Recovery
    We do offer recovery work to prevent indemnitors and other bondsman as well from having the balance of the bail to pay off, plus any leftover premium payments.
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